Wednesday 18 March 2020

How to use EFT for Coronavirus

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Everybody is worried about what will happen to their health, lives, jobs and money during this time.  We haven't seen measures like this since the war and fear will degrade the immune system which means that you are more likely to pick up the virus - or some other illness and virus. So using EFT every day will help on so many levels.

1. Take vitamins especially Vitamin C to help boost your immune system

2. Using EFT to boost your immune system - for example

Use this as a set up phrase: My immune system is working at 100% and protecting me from the corona virus or any other illness
Then tap on every point: My immune system is working at 100%
Then tap on any memories or thoughts that may come up during the tapping

3. Using EFT to eliminate the fear, panic and worry.

Going into fear, panic and worry will not help you or your family - you need to stay positive.  The press and social media are whipping up the fear.

Use this as a setup phrase: I am releasing all fear and panic about the corona virus
Then tap on every point: I am protected from the corona virus or I am calm about the corona virus
Then tap on any thoughts that come up
If you are fearful the fear point is the Eyebrow so you can tap on that one constantly whilst watching the television etc
EFT calms you down and releases stress whilst you are doing it anyway so that should help.

4. Take sensible precautions as recommended

Friday 13 March 2020

How effective are the short versions of EFT?

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The answer is very effective!.  In my video I show that you can just use one point (the karate chop) to just your face points to a routine of 8 points on the upper body.

This means that it can be done quickly and anywhere - I am told that on the London underground you often see people tapping their KC point - and why not - get rid of your self sabotage before you get to work or release any bad vibes on the way home!  The KC point is for self sabotage and your subconscious automatically knows what needs releasing so I suggest you use this as often as you can.  Watching the television is a very good example and you don't have to think, repeat phrases - just let the good work happen!

The face points can be quickly done in the loo if you are nervous, anxious or are going for an interview.  Again you can do it repeating a phrase or on their own - I suggest you start tuning into your intuition to find out what is best for you.  If you find it helps to repeat a mantra use something like fear or anxious.

The 8 point version is used by a lot of practioners and again this can be used with a repeated phrase, set up statement or just on its own - depending on what needs clearing, where you are and how much time you have.

If you are in a place that you cant tap then tap in your imagination on the points - this works just as well!

Remember tap on everything and do it consistently and you will get lighter and lighter!

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Did you know there is a long version of EFT? It is very effective and powerful!

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When I first learned EFT over 20 years ago we used a long version which included finger points.  It also includes a lovely routine where you move your eyes and sing happy birthday!!  It works on the same principle of the old fashioned hypnotist who would get you to move your eyes to follow his watch.  Moving your eyes like this means that emotions are released easily and quickly - so there was method in his madness!!!!  The singing and counting relates to NLP programming as well so it is very powerful.

In my books and workshops I use the long version as standard and then show how it can be broken down into smaller pieces depending on the time you have available.  I feel this is far more powerful than the shorter versions that are used now.  Also it gives you additional points for additional problems.  For example, the gamut point on the back of the hand is the best for thyroid, water retention and over eating.  I also recommend that if a problem doesn't clear that you revert to the longer version.

If you have private sessions with me I give out handouts that show individual points that are used for emotional and physical problems - so you need to know the addition points as well.

Why not buy one of my books (Unlock your maximum potential and Unlock your maximum weight loss potential) or email me to find out about one of my workshops.  EFT is simply the best technique for clearing blocks, fears, patterns, self sabotage and installing the positive.  It is great for attracting abundance, success, soulmates and great health in weight loss.  You would be mad not to learn how to use it!

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Why everybody should use EFT

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When everything started to go wrong I suspected that I was self sabotaging myself, but over 25 years ago nobody seemed to understand what I was talking about. I then came across the forerunner to EFT called TFT and this really opened my eyes as it talked about self sabotage all the time.  The only problem was that every issue used a different routine so it was more complicated to do and remember.  Then EFT (emotional freedom technique) came along and made things really easy and effective.  I learnt the long version (which I will demonstrate later on in the week) and I still go back to this if a problem doesn't shift or it comes back.

You can use EFT on everything and I mean everything!  From weight loss to stress, to passing exams to confidence and self esteem, to pain and healing, to anxiety and depression, to health and PTSD.  You can use it surrogately on children and animals and it is a good idea to teach your children the quick routine so they can use it if they are being bullied or have exam stress.

You can use it with the law of attraction and create money, jobs and your soul mate - the list in endless. You can even use it to heal past lives and release your karma!  Why not contact me and book a course or have a 1:1 session - you will benefit from it for the rest of your life!

Sorry the video is not brilliant quality but is informative!

Monday 9 March 2020

Find out more about my amazing best selling book, Unlock your maximum weight loss potential!

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Hi everybody

This is my video about my weight loss book, Unlock your Maximum Weight Loss Potential, which is available on Amazon.  It is also being featured in this month's Soul and Spirit.

It is not like anything else on the market and comes from over 25 years of experience, research and results.  I still have a couple of stone to go but am working on why I want to hold onto it.

The video isn't brilliant, sorry, but it explains how passionate I am about helping people with weight loss, especially children.  It isn't for somebody that just wants to lose 7 lb and needs to cut down but for someone who struggles - like I have for near 65 years!

It covers all subjects from:

healthy eating to nutrition to supplements to exercise
It has a whole large chapter on all the reasons you cant lose weight and why it isn't your fault!
appetite suppressants to medication to organ disfunction
beliefs, blocks, fears patters and programming
ancestors, karma and past lives
body types and stress
homeopathy, herbs, bach flower remedies and other therapies
how to ask your guides and angels to help you
I teach various techniques like EFT to speed up your metabolism and eliminate stress
even has a few spells to assist as well!

Believe me it is the best purchase you will ever make!

Thursday 5 December 2019

Do you know what a 'Weight Set Point Is?'

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Do you know what a set point is?  It is a figure that your subconscious has created from your experiences and it refers to weight and money.  These two set points work in different ways though.  the money one wont let you earn more and the weight one wont let you weight loss - so they work the other way around but are basically stopping you doing what you want!

When I was in software contracting I earned a lot of money.  But when I looked over my accounts and compared the years, I virtually earned the same amount - despite time off in between contracts and different rates.  Why is this?  Because my subconscious decided that I wasnt allowed/deserved/ safe (or any other reason) to earn more than I did.  So it adjusted my situation so that the figure would be the same - yes your subconscious really is that powerful!  So I had to release my trauma, change my beliefs and then my money set point rose.  So even now if I suspect that my subconscious is trying to stop me earning more, I take a step back and look at what has come up.  Remember everything is in layers so although you think you may have cleared a certain belief or trauma another aspect may be displaying itself for healing.

So your subconscious will definately have a set point for your weight.  This again is based on trauma, beliefs, patterns and blocks.  This will also explain why you can't lose weight or if you lose weight you will put it back on virtually immediately.  The press is full of articles saying that people who have lost a lot of weight will put it back on because they go back to their old eating ways.  That is not true - if you have lost a lot of weight there is no way you would put it all back in three months.  You may put back a few pounds but not everything.  This is because your subconscious realises that you are below your set point and will pull out all the stops to putting the weight back on - and it seems like you have no control over it and seem to be sleep walking through the entire time!  I know this because it has happened to me many times.

Also you may have worked on your set point but a trigger like sexual attention may send your subconscious into meltdown and it will reinstate the old set point virtually immediately - this has recently happened to a client of mine.

So can it be changed?  Yes of course it can!  Firstly you need to meditate and ask your subconscious what your set point is.  If you get no response imagine what it would be. 

1. Look and heal traumas that have made you fearful - death, accidents, sexual abuse/rape/attention
2. Look at patterns of using your weight so you dont have to do something
3. Look at your eating patterns and see how they relate to triggers and traumas
4. Look at what happened in your life from birth to 7 and see whether you were loved and nutured or what messages you were given about food.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a great way of starting to release all of the above and decrease your weight set point.  It is good to work on the traumas and patterns first before you start to put in the positive.  Or book an appointment with me...........

Start tapping on "My weight set point is ....... and my subconscious is really happy at this level" - do this every day and watch if any memories, thoughts, pictures or anything else comes up and then tap on that as well.

Buy my book Unlock Your Maximum Weight Loss Potential and this will really help you - and why not do it with your money set point as well!

Monday 2 December 2019

Is it worth putting on 10 lb over Christmas?

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So people seem to throw caution to the wind and eat what they like from November!  When I had a beauty/toning table salon I couldnt believe that people left mid November and didnt come back until end of January - I thought people would be exercising up until Christmas and then immediately getting back to it afterwards but how wrong could I be!

What with all the party food, mince pies, drink, chocolate and nuts, Christmas Parties and then eating and drinking for a least 4 days over Christmas the weight (and water retention) can pile on.  I know if I did this I would put on at least 14 lb (a UK stone) which would then take me a good three months to get off - and is it worth it?  Certainly not to me!

Also it means that it will increase your stomach size and your appetite which means it will be harder to get it under control when you go back to dieting.  And it means you will eat more over the Christmas period!

If you are eating like this it also means that you havent got to the bottom of your eating problems.  Do you think it gives you a licence to eat?  Do you feel deprived if you dont eat what other people are eating? Do you have cravings or are you emotionally eating over this period because of spending time with families, or grief or another reason?

I knew somebody who had lost a lot of weight and went on a cruise where she preceded to eat everything every day, including afternoon tea.  This shows that she hasnt healed her problems and it took her over 4 months to get the weight off from one weeks eating!  I am not saying that she couldnt have one afternoon tea, but why every day?

So you need to understand why you suddenly drop the exercise and healthy eating routine that you have worked hard on all year?  Clear what comes up using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping).

If you are going to over do it, cut down the day before and the day after because excess calories store as water for 48 hours so you could lose it before it turns to fat.  This also means that your stomach wont stretch.

Go back to healthy eating the day after Boxing Day (26th in the UK) and throw out or freeze anything that might tempt you - dont let that old excuse of having to eat all the left overs up!

Watch the alcohol as this will put on excess water and make you eat!

Drink a glass of water reasonably slowly 30 minutes before a meal which will fill you up

Ask for treats rather than food for presents - vouchers for treatments, body lotions for pampering, manicures etc

Put a little bit of everything on your plate and always leave something - you dont have to eat everything!

If you are going to a party eat before you go so you are not tempted to pick on sausage rolls!

Remember with peanuts that people may not have washed their hands so this should stop you digging in!  And that they may have sneezed all over the party food!

If you feel you are going to eat more, then do some tapping before you eat.  Change your beliefs from I need to eat as it is Christmas to I eat to satisfy me and I stop when I am full

Set yourself a target that you will actually lose weight over Christmas rather than put it on and buy yourself something nice in the sales to wear!

Imagine how great you will feel on January 1st being able to get into your clothes easily and with a clear, sparkling complexion!  This is so much more important than food which you will have totally forgotten by now!